Zaur Balaev

You probably have not heard the name of Zaur Balaev before, but, today, you can learn it, and you can join him and his family in rejoicing.  Zaur Balaev is a Christian in Azerbaijan.  In May of 2007, he was put in prison on false charges.  Because Zaur was a Christian pastor, he was a target in his small village.  Now, after nearly a year in prison, Pastor Zaur has been released. 

One of the reasons he was granted a pardon and released is that a great many Christians from around the world sent letters of encouragement to Pastor Zaur, not only strengthening his faith, but also calling attention to the fact that thousands of people all over the world knew of his imprisonment.  The authorities decided to release him after he received more than 3,300 letters.  When asked if he wanted to thank the president of Azerbaijan, Pastor Zaur said, “I thank my Lord Jesus.”

You can contact Christians in prison by visiting prisoner alert.

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