Derby Day

Today is derby day in Kentucky.  It always sparks a few conversations among Christians to consider whether or not Derby watching is an acceptable practice for the faithful.  On the negative side, the races are, of course, owned and operated by organized gambling.  The entire industry is tainted with gambling.  Also, the actual event is, for many, a “drunk fest,” like a community-wide frat party.

On the positive side, these are horses.  They are splendid.  If you have ever been to a thoroughbred race, you know that the ground actually shakes as the horses make their way around the track.  The thunder and the thrill is majestic.  The animals are beautiful, strong and fast.  Also, there is a great history and tradition.  Every horse that has a chance to win the derby has been traced back to one of 2 Arabian stallions given to England Centuries ago.  Out of the more than 40,000 such horses born each year, only 20 will end up at the Derby.

The “Run for the Roses” is a spectacle indeed, but is it one for Christians? 

What do you think?

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