L.A. Church Shooting

I am not sure if this report hit the mainstream media airwaves, but I am positive it would have been considered a much bigger story if a mosque had been involved.  As it is, a gunman attacked a church festival, opening fire on the crowd, injuring three, including his own wife (on purpose).  One of the innocent victims shot was left in critical condition.  The incident happened in Los Angeles and is being treated as a domestic violence incident.  However, the gunman made clear that it was an issue between him and “the church.”  When asked whether he had a problem with the church, the man replied that he thought the church had a problem with him.  So, he shot people attending a festival at the church.


When one adds all the pieces together (this church, the Colorado church, Wedgewood, Columbine, and other school shootings targeting Christians), the puzzle begins to make sense that persecution is on the rise in America.  This point is made even more loudly by the silence of the culture concerning Christians being targeted by gunmen.  If this many incidents had targeted gays or muslims, there would be a loud outcry.  As it is, the silence is deafening.


What do you think?

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