A subtle switch of language has us bamboozled into believing that sex is morphous.  It used to be that applications and personal information forms asked us to report our sex, leaving us with only the obvious choices of male (if we wore pants) and female (if we wore dresses).  Now, however, the times have changed and that which used to be obvious is obvious no more.  We may well pants yet still consider ourselves “female.”  No longer do we speak in terms of “sex.”  Now, we speak in terms of gender.  Gender is a more flexible term, not as rigidly fixed as those terms related to human anatomy.  Gender is pliable; it can come and go. It flexes with our perceived identity.  One can believe he is male or female, regardless of all evidence to the contrary.  As a result, we now have a category called transgendered: Looks male but believes it is female.  How does one respond to such an identity crisis?  In Colorado, as in California before them, they are opening public restrooms to the sexually confused.  In the name of fairness, those males who think they are females will be permited to make use of female facilities.  Here is the story about the Colorado affair.

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