Scientists Monkey with DNA

Here is a great place to restart the blog.  Princeton ethics professor Peter Singer and others have been working feverishly to convince us that we are nothing more than animals.  As Jiminy Cricket used to sing, “You are a human animal.” Only, Singer and the others won’t go as far as Jiminy.  They won’t agree that you are a very special breed.  They (like the nihilists who spawned them) would argue that we aren’t all that special.  We are merely a part of the ecosystem, a part of Nature.


There is a great (as in wonderful) effort taking place among Christian and non-Christian scientists who are now showing that science is misleading us into believing we are something we are not.  You may have heard that humans and chimps are 98% the same in genetic makeup.  This figure is never documented; it is assumed as fact, but it isn’t true.  I have linked to a story which is part of the effort to unmask the lie.  We are human beings uniquely created in the image of God. 


What do you think?

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