Olympics Over, Persecution Not

China hosted the Olympic games, and the world watched, while Christians spent time in prison all throughout China.  The Communist government cracked down on Christians prior to the arrival of the Olympic games, ensuring protests would be minimal.

The BBC, however, did a bit of good reporting on the reality of a Communist-hosted Olympics.  In the video below, you will see how people’s homes were destroyed to make room for stadiums and parking lots.  You will also see an amazing bit of footage about Pastor “Bike,” though you won’t hear him called that by the BBC.  The pastor in this story is called “Bike” by the Chinese because he has ridden his bike all over China to proclaim the gospel.  If anyone of you wore a “Pray for China” Olympic prayer band, you have Pastor Bike to thank for it.  That was his idea.

The video shows Pastor “Bike” being arrested.  He was, in fact, released after this video was taken.  However, he is now back in prison for preaching the gospel.  If you would like to get involved, there is an effort underway to win his freedom.  Check it out at “Free Pastor Bike.”

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