Stroup’s Slippery Slope

Christians and ethicists are routinely accused of making a “slippery slope” argument. You know, that is an argument which says we should not do something because it will lead to something worse. Needless to say, making slippery slope arguments never stop people from doing anything because prideful men are confident they will never go as far as the slippery slopers say they will.

When it comes to assisted suicide, the arguments have followed the slippery slope course dutifully. Ethicists say, “it will lead to more death.” Those favoring the practice assure us that checks and balances are in place, and the practice will be reserved only for the worst cases. Now, Oregon, the first state in the U.S. to sanction physician assisted suicide, has taken a step from allowing physician assisted suicide to encouraging it.

Randy Stroup is in treatment for prostate cancer. The state insurance sent him a letter explaining that they could not pay for his treatments (because they were too expensive), but they could pay for him to be put down. They would not pay for chemotherapy, but they would pay for physician assisted suicide. It isn’t hard to imagine that the next step will move from allowing physician-assisted suicide to requiring it.
Read the story here

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