Abortion Cutting Crime?

There are those who argue that the fruit of abortion is good.  Specifically, some argue that abortion has reduced crime.  Others have demonstrated the fallacy of such claims (excellent resources here).  However, the point I would like to make is that even if we accept that a reduction in crime rates is linked to abortion, then are we not also implicitly accepting that abortion itself is murder?  After all, how could a surgical procedure getting rid of a glob of human tissue have any effect on crime rates 18 years later?  If, on the other hand, a baby is killed in the womb who would 18 years later be capable of committing a crime, then we might have a link.  Abortion, it seems, kills children. 

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  1. So…
    In order to possibly prevent a crime that is not going to happen, doctors feel the obvious reaction is to commit murder. That makes perfect sense.


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