Is Obama OK?

There is a common line going around that it is OK for pro-life people to vote for Obama (even though he favors taxpayer funded abortion on demand and has even been in favor of allowing infanticide).  The reason some say it is ok is that they figure abortion is just one of several important life decisions which have to be made.  On the whole, it seems, Obama is as OK as anybody and maybe more OK than McCain.  Dr. Bu (real name Budziszewski) has written a socratic dialogue which explores this thought pattern.  You can check it out here.  It’s very good.

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  1. Not us Democrats now blame it all on the GOP and Bush . I was watching Fox News and they had a Member of the DNC . They were asked about the economy and how we got here they blamed the GOP and G Bush . Even though they have had the control of the congress for two years. They claim the taxes were going to go up to clean up the mess . You dont raise taxes on a down dollar. McCain knows that . So McCain is cutting taxes where Obama wants to raise them . He is showing his inexperience. Lets see you cant hear it , you cant see the video , we dont want to answer the hard questions. We can blame everyone else , we can lie about the plans to not raise taxes. We can give money to Acorn and they can make up the votes we need wink wink. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE CRAP THE Obama IS COOKING. I will remind you by the time cigar totting Bill C was done it took us two years to fix it. We dont need a welfare state . We dont need a man who has ties to both a foreign and domestic terrorist. And when asked they clam up. The bottom line is dont let them BUY the White House . Dont be sheep.


  2. I won’t be voting for Obama because of his extreme abortion views. By far he is the most dangerous man for those in the womb who has ever run for president. But, you know Obama provides us LOTS of reasons not to vote for him. It only takes a few minutes after one of his speeches to think about what he really said to understand he favors a more communistic form of government….”spread the wealth”! However, IF the situations were reversed and Obama was against abortion AND the big-brother government person that he is, I would vote for him. As much as I would not enjoy giving most of my husband’s paycheck to the government, I would “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s” in order to avoid being one of the “hands that shed innocent blood.”


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