I have little hope in the benefits of Christian-Muslim dialogue, particularly if such dialogue means a pontifical council and a bunch of Imams discussing how Christians can speak more sensitively so as not to provoke more rioting.  Good grief! 

Read this article and listen to what it is saying.  The writer says, “Two years ago, Catholic-Muslim relations especially soured after Pope Benedict XVI delivered a speech in Regensburg, Germany, in which he quoted a 14th century Byzantine emperor’s criticism of Islam, linking it to violence. “ 

OK, so, did I follow that order of events rightly?  A supposedly great dialogue had been going on, during which time there was world-wide rioting and killings because of the Danish cartoon against the prophet of Islam.   The great dialogue then turned sour when a Pope made an academic quotation during an academic lecture?  What kind of ridiculously confused equivocation is this?  It is the kind which governs most of these so-called interfaith dialogues, which is why I have little confidence in their viability.


When Muslims repent of the atrocities carried out in the name of Islam, then, I think there may be room for serious conversation.  As long as quoting 14th Century scholars is put on even par with shooting nurses in the back and stabbing filmmakers in their chests, I cannot believe that these talks are serious.

What do you think?

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