The Way of the World

The world hates us, right?  One wonders, then, why the Muslim world especially accepts help from our military.  This story is the follow up to the Somali “pirates” story that broke a couple of months ago.  Apparently, the ship was ransomed for $3 million.  In a stroke of poetic justice, the “pirates” drowned when their boat capsized as they were making their escape.

What is worth noting (as we have before) is that the pirates are muslim.  These are muslim pirates capturing muslim ships and holding them ransom for profit.  This article points out that the problem has gotten so bad that… [guess who] the U.S. military must now lead an effort to stop the piracy.  So it goes. 

The U.S. military, with a long history of Christian values like courage and sacrifice, is called upon again to sacrifice for others.  As a result, the world ought to love us.  Yet, if that were the case, then the whole world would love Christ, wouldn’t they?  The way of the world is the way of scorning love.  The Muslim pirate story is but another small illustration.

What do you think?

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