Sin’s Resilience

Sin seeks to kill and destroy, and it never stops.  The case of 38 year-old Marcus Schrenker is a typical example of how sin seeks to destroy.  This young man, once a financial manager, swindled unsuspecting investors of millions of dollars in Indiana.  He continued to practice after his license expired.  When he was about to be caught, he intentionally crashed his plane and attempted an escape, while faking his death.  He was found out.  So, he fled.  He lied.  Then, sadly, he tried to kill himself.  He is filing bankruptcy for the third time.  Yet, according to this article, his final judgment is, “I don’t think that there is a good person left in this world.”  A fellow like this is still arrogant enough to pass judgment on the entire world.  Sin does not know even the tiniest bit of humility, but it always seems to bounce back.

There is of course one man who is good, the Man Christ Jesus.

What do you think?

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