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You may have seen this already, but it not you should watch it.  Then ask yourself why NBC and the NFL do not want such a “controversial” ad to run during the Super Bowl.

The group sponsoring the ad is called   I am not Catholic, and I am not real crazy about the name of the group.  However, I applaud loudly their aims and would remind everyone (sadly) that Catholics were right on abortion from the beginning, where many evangelicals were not paying attention to its dangers.

Here is a little blurb from the group:

Catholic Vote.Org is an exciting opportunity to be part of a new movement that’s committed to using powerful media projects to create a Culture of Life. We can help shape the movement and have a voice in its future.

Check it out at

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  1. I’ve seen the clip and it is very well done. I don’t get why it was rejected. I emailed the network and asked them why they are intolerant of Catholics!! They have not responded yet.

    On a different note, I emailed Pepsi and asked them why they gave $500,000 to have my vote overturned concerning prop 8 in CA (prop about defining marriage) and they did respond with a generic email (I know because I emailed two times and it generated the exact same message with no reference to the specifics of my questions). The generic message said they were tolerant of all lifestyles….Not sure how I was being intolerant by not wanting to rewrite definitions to satisfy a small minority. I now drink Diet Coke though I really prefer Diet Pepsi.


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