Rush to Ignorance

Chris Matthews is doing his part to push America further down the road of ignorance.  His rantings against Rush Limbaugh for being a classless, hate-monger ought to fall largely on deaf ears.  I can see no way a thinking person can take Chris Matthews seriously.  He calls Rush outrageous, but then he refers to those speaking against abortion as “terrorists.”  Granted, he quickly modified his comment to “verbal” terrorist.  But the ignorance of his statement is appalling, and it signifies that this is a man whose opinions are uninformed.

I don’t mean to put Chris Matthews down personally.  I do not know him, and I never listen to him.  He may be a great guy.  However, his comments equating free and reasonable speech to terrorism are best labeled as unthinking swill, driven by a piranha-like ideological intensity. 

Seriously, are we supposed to think that there is any relationship between saying, “Kathleen Sabelius ought not to be in Obama’s cabinet because of her extreme abortion views” (on the one hand) and saying on the other hand, “If you do not say Allah is Greater, we will cut your head off and play the tapes of your gurgling and gasping for a final breath”?

People who make moral equivocations between terrorism and free speech are people who really ought not be trusted with serious matters.  Their opinions, though they are free to give them, should be taken cum grano salis.

If you did not see or hear Chris Matthews call pro-lifers terrorists, you can check it out here.

What do you think?

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