Imagine This Scenario

I am linking here a letter that a wife has written on behalf of her husband.  Her husband has been in prison for 14 months.  Since last May, neither she nor her son has had any interaction with the imprisoned dad.  The Chinese authorities have kept this man locked up and isolated for 14 months.  The man is a believer in Christ.  He is being held, basically, until the authorities can find some evidence to use against him.  So far, nothing has been proven against him.  For 14 months, he has been in prison without enough evidence to convict him of anything.  Certainly, justice has failed.  I am linking this letter from his wife, pleading his case.  I cannot imagine what she has been going through these 14 months, but she is not bitter.

Contact the following Chinese government offices to express your concern for Alimujiang Yimiti:

The People’s Procurate of Xinjiang Autonomous Region
Tel: +86-991-2642000
The Supreme People’s Court of Xinjiang
Tel: +86-991-5959301 or +86-991-5959480
The Office of Inspector General for Law Enforcement of China
Tel: +86-10-62251925
Fax: +86-10-62254181
The Petition Office of the Supreme People’s Court of China
Tel: +86-10-63036424 or +86-10-83102103
ChinaAid grants permission to reproduce photos and/or information for non-fundraising purposes, with the provision that is credited. Please with questions or requests for further information. 

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