Global Warming on Trial?

Chris Horner from Planet Gore reports on the recent U. S. Chamber of Commerce’s call to hold a hearing on anthropogenic global warming (AGW).  [Read: man-made global warming].  I have reported before on the dubious nature of the claims for man-made global warming.  More and more information is showing that the last decade has begun global cooling.  At any rate, whether the globe is warming or cooling, there is no definitive study on what extent the climate is affected by human activities.

What is disturbing is how much policy is being established on assumptions and working models, rather than on hard scientific data.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants to hold a trial before the public.  Call it Scopes II–a trial to establish whether humankind is causing climate change.  This blog post offers a reason the EPA won’t go for such a trial.

What do you think?

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