Muslims Killing Our Brothers

According to this Baptist Press article, our Christian brothers are being hunted down like animals and killed in Somalia.  Muslims have killed 13 Christians so far in this manhunt.  So, this morning, a wife has no husband, and a daughter has no daddy–all in the name of Islam.

No, I don’t think all muslims are murderers.  However, I do think that the voice of muslims today is murder.  Remember the riots after Pope Benedict gave his speech in Germany?  His point was to call all Muslims (especially peaceful Muslim leaders) to agree with Christians and others that murder is wrong.  If we might begin with a reasonable approach and together condemn murder, then we could go a long way to establishing peace.  Instead, this message was met with rioting and outrage and killing.  So, I don’t think we are helping ourselves or Muslims when we act as though these murderers are “extremists.”  They are acting in the name of Islam.  If that is a misrepresentation of Islam, then the so-called peaceful majority must make the distinction plain for the rest of us.

More to the point, I praise God that Christians are not the ones doing the killing; rather, like the Christ they serve, Christians are dying for their faith.  If a grain of wheat dies, it bears much fruit (John 12:24).

What do you think?

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