Christian Fighting

This sounds crazy, but Christians ought to engage each other and do battle for the truth.  We are charged in Jude to “contend” for the faith.  I have often told people we ought to have fights over doctrine and truth; otherwise, we will have fights over things that don’t matter.

Now, I read this blog post concerning John Stott and his book Christ the Controversialist.  Though he is much more eloquent and nuanced in his argument, he makes the same plea.  We ought not be afraid of duking it out before each other on doctrine, and it doesn’t mean we do not love.  There is a way to speak the truth in love.  Good post.  Read it all.

2 thoughts on “Christian Fighting

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  1. Hi, I finally figured out how to get to the Gospel connection and it is a great site, now on my favorites list. one comment on there really hit the spot–we average people get comfortable with our beliefs and would rather stay quiet than speak up to disagree. Sometime my mind goes blank then later I think of what would have been good, or right to say.


    1. You are not alone. Seems like I have that feeling after every conversation. It just means you have much more good stuff to say.


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