Our Father

“Our Father” –these are the first two words of one of the most beloved passages of Scripture, the Lord’s Prayer.   My guess is we often recite the “Our Father” without pausing long enough to consider what we are saying.  Think about these two words.  Our Father.

Who is the “Our” being spoken of?  When we remember that this is Jesus instructing his disciples how to pray, we can see that the our refers to Jesus’s disciples.  The first lesson the disciples of Jesus receive in learning how to pray is they should pray “Our.”  Have you ever in your life prayed this way?  We don’t think of ourselves this way.  We tend to pray “My” and ask for “Me.”  I pray as an “I,” don’t you?  But Jesus begins by calling the disciples to see that they are part of a unique group of people on the earth.  They are already greatly privileged by being called into the kingdom.  Thus, we disciples of Jesus think of ourselves collectively.  We are already people of God’s favor.  We have already been given the kingdom.  This reality is supposed to shape our thinking about who we are before we go before Our Father.

Then, once we realize that we are part of the kingdom–and already participants in the greatest grace on earth–we are free to speak to God as Our Father.  God is Father to His children through Christ.

What do you think?

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