Strange Things

Strange things are happening at Liberty University (Falwell’s Liberty).  President Ergun Caner is being asked some rather pointed and uncomfortable questions by James White and others concerning his past.  In a bizarre case, it seems that Caner’s past is not as bad as he has been reporting it.  I’ve never been much of a fan of Dr. Caner; so, my opinion here is biased.  Yet, I have a bit of sympathy for him.  It seems to me from reading through this report that his school–including the trustees–have failed him.  Why would they investigate the claims halfheartedly until secular newspapers force them to get serious about it?  Caner may not be the only problem at Liberty.

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  1. A larger question is when and who in Liberty’s leadership knew about Caner’s lies, since it is clear that Caner is not alone in his cover up.


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