I Think, “NO”

I read the question in an email from One News Now: “Should Churches File Spill Claims Against BP?”  My answer is, NO!  In our overly litigious society, we see a case like this and think pragmatically.  It is easy to see the case that this church from Alabama is making.  The gulf spill is costing the church money because people are not working and, thus, cannot give.  BP has said that it will pay for all legitimate claims. So, BP should reimburse the church for its claim of lost income.   However, BP views the church claim as a “gray” area.

I would like to change what the world calls gray to something a little more black and white.  What is the goal of this church?  Is it to witness to the glory of God? Then, how does winning a “gray” area lawsuit against a business demonstrate the power and glory of God?  It seems to me that the faith of this church would be displayed better by absorbing the loss and, by faith, continuing to serve others (including BP?) without knowing how the Lord might provide for them, but trusting in every way that He will.  [I have the autobiography of George Mueller in mind here as I write].

In addition, I think BP has a point to make here that will be considered in court.  If BP has recompensed all the members who lost their jobs and their pay, then will it not have taken away its liability to the church?  In other words, if BP pays all those employees, then those employees have their wages, and all lost income to the church is a result of the members not giving, not the result of BP not paying.  I don’t find the church’s case compelling.

Worse, I find it a disturbing display of misplaced faith.  I am sure I am being too hard on this Assembly of God congregation from Alabama, but I just cannot imagine the Apostle Paul suing the ship company which operated the vessel he boarded which crashed on his way to Rome.  Indeed, Paul might say, “Why not rather be wronged?” (1 Cor 6:7)

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  1. Greg, I agree whole heartedly with your post. It so eloquently stated what I had been thinking. How sad it is that a church will put their faith in a lawsuit to recover their lost tithes instead of putting their faith in the God who supplies all of our needs. Would it not have been a more powerful statement for the church to come together praying and believing that God would continue to meet their needs as a church and as individual congregation members if they would hold fast to his promises and believe that God is always in control, even when things are out of control? The answer is not to be found in the courts, but in the Word and God’s promises to His people. Would it not be a more powerful statement to the community they are trying to reach to say “let me share what our God can do even when the natural circumstances say there is not a way for needs to be met?” I think that would be classified as a miracle. The question really is….Where is the faith of the church today? With the Court system or God’s Word?


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