Reality in Kenya

[From Barnabas Fund]

Kenyan Christians abducted, tortured and raped

Six Christian missionaries have been found alive but traumatized after suffering three days of unimaginable torture in Kenya.

Three men including Mr. Y, the leader of a group of Kenyan missionaries supported by Barnabas, had travelled to Nairobi on the morning of Wednesday September 15, to help three Christian women to move out of their apartment to a safer location. The three men arrived safely, but when Mr. Y’s wife called them later that day, she could not get an answer. By 9pm she began to realize something serious must have happened. Going to Nairobi, she found the apartment door unlocked but no trace of the missionaries.

The police began an investigation and at 4am on September 18, the group were found – dumped at the side of a main road. They all had their eyes and mouths tightly sealed with tape, and their legs and arms were bound, but they were all alive. The three women had been systematically raped and were deeply traumatized; still suffering from shock, they were not even able to talk. At the hospital they were given drugs to reduce the risk of their contracting AIDS. They will remain in hospital for two weeks of comprehensive care to help them recover from the physical, psychological and emotional distress.

The three men had been tortured and their bodies were covered in bruises; one man needs treatment for a dislocated shoulder after he was thrown “like luggage” into a truck. The men will remain in hospital for five days to receive counseling. But Mr. Y’s wife said, “No matter the agony, they praised the Lord.”

Early in the ordeal, the Muslim men asked one of the women, “Who’s the savior of this world?” When she boldly answered, “Jesus Christ is the Savior,” they slapped and spat at her and shouted “You’re wrong, you prostitute, it’s Osama who’s the savior.” When the group was finally released, they were told, “You’re lucky … we’re directed to free you. We could have killed you this night. Maybe your Jesus saves you. But warning … stop leading Muslims astray with your corrupt Bible. Nobody shall be worshipped but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.”

Kenya has a strong Church, yet Christians face challenging opposition, and the situation of converts and women can be particularly difficult. In July, 18 converts from Islam met on a secluded beach to be baptized by Mr. Y and his team, when they were suddenly attacked by a crowd of around 100 Muslim men who beat them with pipes and wooden clubs. Five had to be hospitalized for several days, including a woman who had been beaten unconscious and a man with a broken arm.

Barnabas Aid is covering the hospital fees of the missionaries and converts involved in both these incidents.

Please pray

  • Thank the Lord that the missionaries have been returned to their families. Continue to pray for healing and peace following this terrible trauma.
  • Pray that the perpetrators in both incidents will come to know the truth that will set them free.
  • Pray for Christians in Kenya, as they face opposition and attacks. Pray that they may have courage to continue in their Christian walk and not give up.

Give today

If you would like to donate to help our Christian brothers and sisters in Kenya please send your donation to project 00-345 (Victims of Violence Fund). Please click to donate online using our secure server.

If you prefer to telephone, please call 1 866 936 2525 or 703 288 1681. Please quote project reference 00-345 (Victims of Violence Fund).

If you prefer to send a check by post: Click this link for the address of our regional office. Please quote project reference 00-345 (Victims of Violence Fund).

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