Out of Egypt

Interesting that Egypt is still in the picture and still in the news.  Since the days of Abraham, Egypt has been in the news.  Now, out of Egypt comes news of revolution in the streets.  From a global perspective, the uprising is largely a cry for freedom and opportunity.  I have already posted a couple of times on what might be driving this.

However, President Obama and his administration have a terribly difficult dilemma.  Whereas it would seem that the obvious solution is to support the freedom protesters, the truth of the matter is that the outcome of these protests may be less freedom rather than more.  As this editorial points out, Islamists are very active in Egypt (see also here).  The heart which now drives Islamic terror may have begun its beating in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood and Sayyed Qutb.  See here

For Christians, more power to Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood (which may be fanning the flames of this uprising) would undoubtedly mean less freedom for the Christians.  In other words, if Egypt moves toward a more pure form of Islamic governance, Christians will be further oppressed and persecuted.  Michael Youssef offers one possible explanation of what this might mean.

For us in America, prayer is the best mechanism we have to help Christians in Egypt.  It is difficult to know what is going to happen next.


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