Is Abortion a Tea Party Issue?

I know there has been concern in the past about where the Tea Party stands on so-called “social issues.”  I think the Tea Party seeks to stay focused on economic issues, particularly free market principles and smaller government solutions.  However, Kathryn Jean Lopez raises a very interesting question: Is Abortion a Tea Party Issue?

In the wake of the scandal with Planned Parenthood (not to mention Dr. Gosnell), the time may be right for Tea Partiers to demand a clean cut with the abortion industry so that tax dollars aren’t wasted–no, that is much to polite a term–so that tax dollars don’t become blood money.  I, for one, think it is time to enshrine into law the practice we have followed forbidding tax dollars for abortion.  Now that we see what Planned Parenthood is capable of, we should ban all public money from them.  If not, could we at least make clear that we don’t want public money going to fund abortions, infanticide, sex trafficking, or sexual slavery?  Is this for real?

I honestly cannot think of a worse way to spend tax dollars than giving them to Planned Parenthood.

What do you think?

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