Why Said Musa Really Went to Jail

The news is still positive concerning Said Musa. We should remember that his help has come from above, just as Paul’s help came to him through the prayers of the saints (2 Corinthians 1:8-11).

International Christian Concern has a good piece concerning Said Musa’s case from an American political perspective.  There are other well-done news stories, too.  The New York Times article I referenced yesterday may be the best among them.  But the proverbial saying surely holds true; when you want to know something, go straight to the horse’s mouth.  (Skilled horsemen can tell the age of a horse by looking in his mouth).

So, those wanting to know about Said Musa and about why he is in jail should go straight to the source–to Said Musa himself.  Here is the last letter which has been received

Letter from Said

from Said Musa, and it is remarkable.  It is a little hard to read, given the broken English, misspelled words, and difficult grammar.  But just like the Revelation of John, though some things are hard to make out, they are so full of glory that it makes the labor of reading them nothing but joy.  Take about 10 minutes to read this letter and see if it does not impact your life.  You will know why he really went to jail.

From his perspective, Said Musa is not in jail because of discrimination, intolerance, oppression, or any other man-centered reason.  Said Musa is in prison to do the will of the Father, and, Oh, how well he has done that from his prison cell!  Work through the letter, and you will see what I mean.

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  1. I was curious where you were able to access this letter from. I have been watching this situation pretty closely that last few days and this is the first I have seen of it.


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