Persecution in Ethiopia

Earlier today, I posted a blog about our Ethiopian adoption.  In that blog, I noted that one of the factors of our adopting from Ethiopia was the fact that the children suffered there in a way they did not suffer in the Philippines.  Sadly, two new incidents out of Africa demonstrate the point all too plainly.

Over the past 2 days, Muslims in Ethiopia have been raiding Christian villages and burning Christian churches.  According to International Christian Concern (ICC), five Christian churches have been razed over the past two days.  In addition, two homes of Christian evangelists have been razed as well.  Thousands of Muslims have taken to the streets to participate in the violent outcry against the Christians.  The present violence appears to be centered around Asendabo, Ethiopia.  No Muslims have yet been detained or arrested.

This present violence is only the latest episode of Muslim violence in Ethiopia.  Just last week a group of 17 Christian college students were mobbed while they were conducting a mission trip to Oma Village, Ethiopia.  In both of these cases, the Muslim mobs overpowered the police to get at the Christians who were the targets of their ire.  In this instance, the Muslims beat the students and stoned them, but they were unable to kill them.

Both instances demonstrate that Muslim violence is growing as Muslims become a larger percentage of the population of Ethiopia.  ICC suggests that we encourage the Ethiopian government to crack down on such violent persecution.  Of course, the New Testament urges that we pray for our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia.

You may contact the Ethiopian embassy at (202) 364 1200.

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