The Loss and Gain of Springtime Gardens

The article linked above is one designed to help us cope with loss, or, better, to see some gain even through our losses.  Spring is the time for planting, for hoping, for expecting new life.  Gardening is one of the joys offered each spring.  I wrote the article above with two thoughts in mind.  First, I was thinking of my dad.  Second, I was thinking of a painting by Vincent Van Gogh called “The Potato Eaters.”  The painting is not particularly famous. Most write it off as Van Gogh’s “early” work before he became fascinated with the pursuit of the perfect yellow.  Nevertheless, the painting is a brilliant display of the “earthiness” of all people.  That theme is obvious in the gardening article above. Hopefully, the article will be both sobering and encouraging for you as springtime rolls around.

The Potato Eaters by Vincent Van Gogh

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