We are commanded in Hebrews 13:3 to remember those Christians who are suffering in prison on account of Christ.  Here is an opportunity for us to remember one.


Location: Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Arrested: October 2009
Days Imprisoned: 611

Recently, Pastor Youcef Nardarkhani was reportedly sentenced to death for apostasy. VOM contacts confirm that the pastor’s trial was held in recent weeks in the 11th Chamber of The Assize Court of the province of Gilan.

Pastor Youcef is one of several members of his church who have been imprisoned. In the past, the Iranian government has also imprisoned and released his wife. Pastor Youcef was arrested in October 2009 after protesting a decision by the government requiring that his son study the Quran.

Media reports suggest that Pastor Youcef was transferred to Lakan prison, which is supervised by the Political Police of the Islamic Republic. If a death sentence is officially handed down by the court and Pastor Youcef is executed, his would be the first judicial execution of a Christian in Iran in two decades.

Pastor Youcef is a leader in the Full Gospel “Church of Iran” network, a group that stands apart from most house church groups in Iran.

Still Facing the Death Penalty
VOM contacts received word that Youcef Nadarkhani remains in prison in Lakan province in northern Iran. He continues to face the death sentence for apostasy. Last week our contacts were informed that a decision had been reached in his case. However, no one was informed as to what that decision was. Please pray for him and his family. Pray that his faith would stand firm regardless of circumstances.

Still Waiting
Pastor Youcef remains in the custody of the Islamic government of Iran under a death sentence at Lakan prison in Gilan province in northern Iran. He is being held in the main part of the prison with drug dealers and murderers. He is waiting for the Supreme Court to review his case and render a judgment on whether or not the death sentence will be carried out.

The situation is very difficult for his wife and children.

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