What Should We Think About Stories of Slaughtered Christians in Syria?

Politically, it would be easy to find fault with some of the decisions being made in our foreign policy.  Many politicians have in fact been critical of President Obama, calling for more serious action to be taken in Assyria (Joe Lieberman and John McCain are but two examples).

Indeed, many websites are quickly seizing on opportunities to criticize the Obama Administration. Below, I offer you just one example from the stories on Christian persecution which call us to caution on Syria.

Christians are being wiped out in Syria.  They are being targeted specifically for destruction.  But who is targeting them?

According to some reports, troops supported by the Obama Administration are responsible for the annihilation of Christians in Homs.  However, almost all of the reports coming out of the area are tied to only two sources: Bishop Philip Tournyol Clos or Mother Agnes Miriam of the Cross.  The former’s credibility as a Catholic spokesman has been questioned and the latter is known as an apologist for the Assad regime.

CNN offers a good description of the scene along with the admission that it is not possible for them to verify any of the reports they have received because of the restrictions the government has put on reporting and foreign press.

At the end of it all, it seems impossible right now for us to know what is happening in Syria through traditional news sources.  The only thing we know for sure is that Christians are being slaughtered—all accounts agree on this grim point.  There is just no way to know who exactly is doing the slaughtering.

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