Should a Muslim Girl Convert to Christ?

Should muslim girl convert Christ honor killingAs a Christian, my greatest joy in life is found in my children who believe. More than any other ambition (besides my own salvation) is my great desire for my family to follow Jesus Christ. I know I am not alone in this desire.

Yet, not every father wants his daughter to follow Jesus Christ. Just this morning, I prayed with a group of men for a young woman in Scotland. The glory of Christ is opening up to her, and now she is in danger of being killed–by her own family.  She could be the target of an honor killing.

What would you tell her if you were leading her to Christ? Would you encourage secrecy? Would you encourage boldness? Would you want to avoid the issue of her parents altogether?  What do you think you would do? Feel free to answer below.

You can get an idea of what I would do by reading my post at Project 13:3.

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  1. That is always the issue: would we stand for Christ if doing so would be an instant death sentence? Unfortunately, here in comfortable America, the most we might suffer would be the death of personality or ego. Her’s is a different story. I would not presume to answer definitively, since that’s to each’s own, but it would seem that only God’s plan for that person would be the deciding factor: is His Glory magnified by the sacrificial death (and so joining the great cloud of witnesses whose persecution glorified God) or by the underground effort that convinces others of her sincere faith by taking the chance of death should she be discovered leading others to Truth. Great poser, Doc.


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