A Lamb and His Shepherd

A great man of God and a real hero for Christians in China, Pastor Samuel Lamb has departed this earth life to be with the Good Shepherd Himself. Pastor Lamb is now absent in the body, but present with the Lord. His life is an example to Christians of how to remain steadfast and faithful through intense persecution.

Samuel LambPastor Lamb shepherded a church which grew to more than 4,000. However, his congregation began as a small group of believers huddled around a recently-released convict. Pastor Lamb spent more than 20 years in Chinese prison camps. In fact, he was in prison when his wife died. He was not allowed to attend her funeral.

Though he suffered, he was never defeated. His “holy principle” for Chinese Christians was, “More persecution, more growth.” He did not fear suffering. From the beginning of his ministry, he maintained the practice of keeping a bag packed and ready to go so that any time the government arrested him, he could simply grab his bag and head back to prison.

What a great witness was Pastor Lamb for his flock. Along with Pastor Allen Yuan, Pastor Lamb was a pivotal figure in the Chinese church. His joy was contagious. We join with our brothers and sisters in Guanzhou (gwan*joe), China, to mourn the loss of this dear brother and celebrate the victory of our lord Jesus Christ.

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