Suicide Shift

The state of Oregon has been a “leader” in the euthanasia movement in America.  I say “leader” in quotes because I am not sure that progress is always in a good direction (there is a fine line between progress and regress).  That is an inherent problem with the “progressive” political movement.  Just because one is... Continue Reading →

Dr. Death Has New Life

I'm not sure whether to blame it on vanity or the cheap thrill of provocative exploits, but Hollywood and liberal elites are giving Dr. Death new life, and this is not a good thing.  Wesley J. Smith has posted an important piece which chronicles Jack Kevorkian's resurrection to infamy. As Smith demonstrates accurately, Jack Kevorkian's... Continue Reading →

Assisted Suicide

Have you seen this story about the Mr. Lai, a Chinese man who pushed a would-be jumper off a bridge in Guanzhou, China?  According to the story, Mr. Lai got sick and tired of so much attention being given to the suicide attempt.  So, he "assisted" the jumper by pushing him off the bridge.  Ironically,... Continue Reading →

Shifting to the Fruits

Shifting gears a bit in the abortion, I want to move downstream to the conversation about the fruits of abortion. Often, we judge decisions and directions based on the fruits they produce. We say the verdict is out until there has been sufficient time to assess whether the net result of the decision was a... Continue Reading →

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