Dr. Death Has New Life

Is Dr. Death the Problem?

I’m not sure whether to blame it on vanity or the cheap thrill of provocative exploits, but Hollywood and liberal elites are giving Dr. Death new life, and this is not a good thing.  Wesley J. Smith has posted an important piece which chronicles Jack Kevorkian’s resurrection to infamy.

As Smith demonstrates accurately, Jack Kevorkian’s mission was never about compassion in end of life care. Kevorkian represents a complete scientific cannibalism in which those needing protection become targets for experimentation.  It is quite distressing to hear of glamorous glory-grabbers giving their nod of approval to such a grotesque display of anti-humanness.  Offering comments of approbation for Jack Kevorkian is like offering consolation to Jared Lee Loughner, the Tucson Shooter.  Both appear quite willing to kill to promote their own causes.

You can read more about the return of Kevorkian and what it means, here.  Sadly, people like Al Pacino find “hope” in men like Jack Kevorkian.  What Smith finds is something far more

disturbing, as he concludes,

● Before beginning his assisted suicide campaign, Kevorkian sought permission to experiment on prisoners as part of the execution process. He only turned to the ill and disabled when he had been thwarted from using the criminal justice system to satisfy his macabre obsessions.

● About 70 percent of Kevorkian’s assisted suicides were not terminally ill. Most were depressed people with disabilities. Five weren’t even sick upon autopsy.

● He is a eugenics believer, stating in a court document, “The voluntary self-elimination of individual mortally diseased and crippled lives taken collectively can only enhance the preservation of public health and welfare.”

● He ripped out the kidneys of one of his assisted suicide victims and offered them at a press conference, “first come first served.” The “surgery” was so crude that the Oakland County Medical Examiner called it out of a “slaughterhouse” and a “bizarre mutilation.” The media barely reported the story and it is now long forgotten.

That a disturbed man like Jack Kevorkian can be so touted, so remade, indicates how profoundly lost we are in the fog of relativism. At this point, we must face the truth: The real problem isn’t Kevorkian: It is us.

What do you think?

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