Tom White: What Happened (and What Might We Learn)

Tom White has been the face of Voice of the Martyrs for the past two decades. With Tom White as its head, the ministry of Voice of the Martyrs increased exponentially.  What will happen next to that ministry is in the Lord's hands (which is the best place for it to be). The tragic details... Continue Reading →

Are You Blessed

How do we know when we are blessed?  On first blush, we might respond that we know we  are blessed when we have peace with God and peace with our wives and families.  Many of us would think we are blessed when we have plenty of money.  We think of NFL players making $6 million... Continue Reading →

Christ in China

If you are interested in Christianity in China, then you will want to read this report concerning a survey of Christianity recently completed in China.  I would offer a couple of caveats to this report, however.  They do not make much of the unregistered house churches.  House churches are mentioned at the end of the... Continue Reading →

Still Here in the Real World

Yet another story from this fearful, fallen place.  The real world is not one in which righteousness reigns (at least not yet). This story is from Prisoner Alert.  Check out this and other stories at Prisoner Alert's web site. Location: Pakistan Arrested: June 2009 Print Fact Sheet 10/30/2009 Update Asia Bibi, a 37-year-old Pakistani woman... Continue Reading →

Should Christians Watch the World Cup?

Should Christians Watch the World Cup? The short answer to the question is “Yes,” provided that we want to and that we can watch it to the glory of God.  Whatever we do, whether we eat or drink, we must do all to the glory of God.  Of course, the issue is whether or not... Continue Reading →

Swiss Anxiety

In the land of holy cheese, high mountains, and great chocolate, anxiety is on the rise of a particular kind.  Islamic anxiety is increasing.  Its effects were on display in the recent vote to ban Islamic minarets in Switzerland.  Dr. Mohler's blog has a good, thoughtful reaction to the implications of the vote.  I would... Continue Reading →

Clear as Mud

Our moral outlook is clear as mud, generally speaking.  The whole Ft. Hood terror attack (and that is what it was) is the latest evidence of our incompetence when speaking on moral issues.  Unbelievably, Major Hassan is being portrayed as a victim, when he is the guy who killed 14 innocent people (yes, 14. A... Continue Reading →

How Muslim Are We?

As my last blog post pointed out, President Obama appears to be reaching out to Muslims on a false pretense.  Muslims need not necessarily be our enemies (except the ones who have taken that title to themselves); yet, Muslim is clearly not our identity either.  I cannot see how to make advances in relationships by... Continue Reading →

One Nation Under God (2)

  Is it true that our greatest danger is keeping God out?  I think it is and will offer some examples in just a moment, but I hesitate in going further at this point under the weight of objection which I sense at the claim that we need God in our national conscience (including our... Continue Reading →

Islamic Exit?

The story I have linked here is fascinating.  It details two cases where young Muslims have left Islam as a result of their realizing they were being used to kill.  The first case was celebrated because the father of the Muslim man is also a leader of Hamas.  In the first case, the young man... Continue Reading →

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