Swiss Anxiety

In the land of holy cheese, high mountains, and great chocolate, anxiety is on the rise of a particular kind.  Islamic anxiety is increasing.  Its effects were on display in the recent vote to ban Islamic minarets in Switzerland.  Dr. Mohler’s blog has a good, thoughtful reaction to the implications of the vote.  I would simply like to add that yet another alarm bell is ringing with this vote.  Namely, people are aware of the existential threat posed by Islam, even while elected leaders and many media outlets continue to downplay such threats.

I bring this up because (as I have pointed out before) we do Muslims no favors by downplaying the role of terror in their religion.  The terrorists are representing all of Islam, regardless of whether the peaceful majority wish it to be otherwise.  Until Muslims themselves amass the courage to purge the so-called extremists, Islam will remain an existential threat to all non-Muslim nations (and even to many nations who would call themselves Muslim).  The Swiss vote is certainly not a new declaration of Christian conviction in the Alps-land; however, it is an indication that the people recognize the threat of Islam and do not want it to advance further–in spite of head-in-the-sand leaders who say it is no real threat.

What do you think?

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