Surprising Development

New York surprises again.  This time, the Democrat majority in the state senate failed to pass a measure supporting gay marriage in the Empire State.  Baptist Press has this story which tells of the tears and theology behind the political intrigue.  I personally am surprised by this move because I was one of those who assumed the worst concerning the redefinition of marriage in America.

This failure to redefine marriage is a good thing not because “our side” won a victory.  Such pettiness would miss the point altogether.  Marriage is such a valuable institution for a stable society.  Similar battles were waged (ironically enough) in the 19th Century by Mormons and others who sought to redefine marriage, but we had the wisdom to withstand such devastating temptations.  I am glad that the New York Senate had the same wisdom today.  All the nation (and especially New York) will benefit from this decision.

What do you think?

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