What’s a Christian Response to the New Marriage Culture?

After the Obergfell decision this past year, Christians have tried to cope with a new definition of marriage. What does this new definition mean for church Marriage Retreats? for childcare? or for conversations in youth groups about sexual intercourse? So many questions have risen since June 26, 2015, when the Supreme Court verdict was released.... Continue Reading →

What Are Your Thoughts About the Future for Christians in America?

As usual, Wanda’s café was crowded during the lunch hour, so my student and I decided to head outdoors under the breezeway to enjoy our fresh-grilled meals, which, in my case, included a side order of crispy fries sprinkled with that patented bay seasoning lightly coating them, giving them a salty, spicy kick to accompany... Continue Reading →

How Have We Kissed the Son?

Psalm 2 famously states, “Kiss the son, lest he be angry and you perish in the way” (2:12, NKJV).  But there is more than one way to kiss the son. Luke 22 tells the story of Jesus’s arrest. Jesus was handed over to his captors by a kiss from Judas Iscariot: “Jesus said to him,... Continue Reading →

Why Give a Definition of Christian Persecution?

Tryon Edwards, great grandson of Jonathan Edwards, once said, “Most controversies would soon be ended, if those engaged in them would first accurately define their terms, and then adhere to their definitions.” Edwards was perhaps too optimistic about the end of controversy, but he was right to note the power of definitions to bring clarity... Continue Reading →

Fairness Is Not Justice: Three Simple Reasons to Reject Fairness

Once upon a time, our laws were based on justice: “With liberty and justice for all.”  Now, it seems there is a sense of “fairness” encroaching upon our liberty and overtaking justice for all.  Many folks equate one term with the other, thinking that fairness and justice are equally compelling concepts of liberty, but they... Continue Reading →

Why Marriage Must Remain Traditional

A few days ago, I reluctantly re-entered the gay marriage debate. Believe me, I don’t enjoy this debate. I feel the brunt of all the “hate” language it saddles me with, and I am burdened by the weight of the discrimination label, as though I am in the camp of George Wallace, the Democrat governor... Continue Reading →

Must Gay Marriage Bells Ring

There is a growing consensus among the cultural commentariat that gay marriage is inevitable: Given time, a majority of Americans will embrace gay marriage as the norm. This position is not the sole property of liberals. There is no small number of conservatives parroting the same meme (as this post illustrates). The argument rests on... Continue Reading →

A Marriage Proposal

First, I would like to thank Meredithancret for a cordial and spirited debate. We obviously disagree, but she has been respectful and has engaged in dialogue on the subject of gay marriage—a subject most consider too controversial to discuss.  I appreciate the fact that there has been actual dialogue, even if there is disagreement.  Thanks,... Continue Reading →

A Little Monday Controversy

I know I shouldn't wade into the New York controversy on a Monday morning, but I do think it is worth considering the question, "What is marriage?"  The successful effort of late in New York has redefined marriage to mean something that it has not meant before.  The state has changed the reality of what... Continue Reading →

Court rejects D.C. same-sex marriage case – UPI.com

Court rejects D.C. same-sex marriage case - UPI.com. I am not yet sure what exactly this decision by the Supreme Court means.  I am trying to find information and do a little more research on it.  My first response was a disappointed shock, as in, "Why have John Roberts as Chief Justice if he is... Continue Reading →

Surprising Development

New York surprises again.  This time, the Democrat majority in the state senate failed to pass a measure supporting gay marriage in the Empire State.  Baptist Press has this story which tells of the tears and theology behind the political intrigue.  I personally am surprised by this move because I was one of those who... Continue Reading →

Maine Event 2

Congratulations for marriage and families in Maine.  Gay marriage was defeated (repealed actually) in Maine yesterday by popular vote.  As this article points out, the Maine event is significant for 2 reasons.  First, the vote in Maine marks the first occasion on which gay marriage was being overturned after having been put in place by... Continue Reading →

Today’s Maine Event

There is a big vote in Maine today concerning the nature of marriage.  If the measure fails, then Maine will have become the first state to actually vote in gay marriage.  As you know the other states had gay marriage more or less imposed on them by judicial fiat.  This story from Baptist Press offers a glimmer... Continue Reading →

For the Record

Pastor Rick Warren has recently said that the gay marriage issue is "not his agenda."  In a sense, of course, he is right.  The gospel itself is the agenda of the Christian, including pastors.  However, humanity is also our concern.  And, the church is called to be the pillar and foundation of truth (1 Tim... Continue Reading →

No Mob Veto

America is proud of her freedom, but freedom must always have its limits.  California voters recently decided (again) that gays ought not be provided the same marital status as heterosexual couples.  They are (or at least should be) free to determine such things.  Since the passage of Proposition 8, Californians have been given a hard... Continue Reading →

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