Court rejects D.C. same-sex marriage case –

Court rejects D.C. same-sex marriage case –

I am not yet sure what exactly this decision by the Supreme Court means.  I am trying to find information and do a little more research on it.  My first response was a disappointed shock, as in, “Why have John Roberts as Chief Justice if he is unconcerned about important social issues such as the definition of marriage?”

However, as I have thought about the matter a little more, I have begun to suspect that there are mitigating circumstances here, particularly because the case is centered in Washington, D.C.  The case ends up being about the legality of a referendum as much as it is about the state of gay marriage.  While it is possible–even in D. C.–that a referendum would support traditional marriage (as happened in California), it is still not necessarily the case that Bishop Harry Jackson’s appeal for a referendum is legally clear.  Thus, the SCOTUS would be wise not to wade into a district legal matter.

I am not sure.  If anyone has better information, please let us know about it.  I hope to follow up with a better response to the news that Justice Roberts chose not to review this case.  Washington, D. C., has been granting marriage licenses since 2009 by vote of the city council.

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  1. OK, so I did find this article in the LA Times. According to the article,

    “Jackson said Tuesday he and supporters knew getting the Supreme Court to take the case would be difficult, but he said their efforts were not over.

    “The issue of the definition of marriage will have its day in the Supreme Court eventually,” Jackson said. “The essence of what we were after is still very much on the table.”

    [See the LA Times Article Here:–supremecourt-gaymarriage,0,5469780.story%5D


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