Headlining a Non Event

A story on Fox News caught my eye.  The headline said, “Taliban May Lift Ban on Education for Women.”  I thought to myself, “Wow! Maybe pressure from the Christian West is finally paying off in Muslim countries, which have often been much less amenable to women’s rights than Christian countries.”

Even on Fox News, however, headlines are not always what they appear.  Remember the headline?  It was followed by officials making statements about what they think Taliban might be doing (as in they think might begin to offer women the right to be educated).  After a couple of blissful paragraphs of wishful thinking, the reporter reluctantly reports the truth:

Unfortunately, no one from the Taliban as ever voiced a similar position and recent events make Minister Wardak’s statement seem unbelievable.

What were the recent events in question?  The recent events were physical attacks by Muslim terrorists against schools that allow girls to be educated.  So much for wishful thinking.

What do you think?

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