Maine Event 2

Congratulations for marriage and families in Maine.  Gay marriage was defeated (repealed actually) in Maine yesterday by popular vote.  As this article points out, the Maine event is significant for 2 reasons. 

First, the vote in Maine marks the first occasion on which gay marriage was being overturned after having been put in place by a legislature.  In California, for instance, the courts had imposed gay marriage.  In Maine, the law was rightfully passed by the legislature, but rejected by the people.

Second, this marks a significant statement in that every time the matter has come for a vote, gay marriage has lost.  In 31 states elections have been held, and all 31 times gay marriage has been defeated.  It seems clear that Americans do not desire to redefine marriage and family; the traditional order is preferred.

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  1. i have some gay friends on facebook and have had more than one discussion with them concerning why I don’t support homosexual marriage. Of course they want to boil this down to a civil rights issue (like women and black people earning the right to vote) and in so doing ignore the implications of changing the law to include gay marriage. I point out that this is an education issue AND a health issue. Marriage is a social concept taught in several different ways in school and it certainly is a health issue. However, they blinded most of the time by their insistent on having their way but what I think they really want is the “blessing” of the state…anything to try to condone their sin.


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