A Marriage Proposal

First, I would like to thank Meredithancret for a cordial and spirited debate. We obviously disagree, but she has been respectful and has engaged in dialogue on the subject of gay marriage—a subject most consider too controversial to discuss.  I appreciate the fact that there has been actual dialogue, even if there is disagreement.  Thanks,... Continue Reading →

A Little Monday Controversy

I know I shouldn't wade into the New York controversy on a Monday morning, but I do think it is worth considering the question, "What is marriage?"  The successful effort of late in New York has redefined marriage to mean something that it has not meant before.  The state has changed the reality of what... Continue Reading →

Surprising Development

New York surprises again.  This time, the Democrat majority in the state senate failed to pass a measure supporting gay marriage in the Empire State.  Baptist Press has this story which tells of the tears and theology behind the political intrigue.  I personally am surprised by this move because I was one of those who... Continue Reading →

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