Where Peaceful Muslims Stand

I don’t understand the outrage against Representative Peter King.  He is asking whether there is a problem with Islamic terror within the population of Muslims in America.  The sensible nature of his inquiry is on display in the shootings at Ft. Hood and in the attempted bombing of Times Square and in the attempted bombing in Detroit and in the attempted bombing in Oregon—not to mention the fall of the World Trade Center and the more than 3,000 souls who perished in a single day of Islamic terror.

Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison weeping at hearings on extent of radical Islam in America.

I watched a news report concerning these hearings, and the audience appeared overly eager to pronounce the patriotism of Muslims in America because there was a Muslim man killed on 911 in the World Trade Center.  Yes, he was a courageous American, but the 19 other Muslims who carried out the terrorist attack that day certainly were not.  The question being asked by Representative King is not whether Muslims are patriotic in general.  The question is not whether the majority of Muslims are terrorists. No one thinks that the majority of Muslims are terrorists.  But anyone who doubts whether the majority of terrorists are Muslims is a lunatic.  The majority of terrorists in the world and in the United States are Muslims. It is a fact.

This fact needs to be admitted by all so that a measure of sanity might again prevail.  The question is not whether the average American Muslim is a terrorist.  The question is whether the average American Muslim understands the nature of Islamic terror.  Indeed, the question is whether the average American understands the nature of Islamic terror.  We desperately need to get a handle on the reality of Islamic terror.

Calling a member of congress an Islamaphobe because he is asking important questions is childish, and, worse, it is deadly.  The case of Major Hassan in Ft. Hood, TX, shouts as an indictment against our feigned outrage concerning Muslim inequality in America. Major Hasan was propped up in his position as a Captain and a therapist in the army, even though he was known to have sympathies with Jihadist terror movements. So, while he was plotting the murders of 13 innocent and unsuspecting Americans, our military leaders were appeasing him at every turn so as not to give the impression that there is any bias against Muslims.  Granted, there should be no bias against Muslims, but there should be no bias toward them either—especially when those Muslims are known to have ties to terror cells!  How many Americans have to die before we wake up from our drunken stupor of political correctness?

I am glad Representative King has the fortitude to ask some basic questions to find out how many Major Hasan’s are plotting to kill American citizens.  I don’t want America to become like Egypt or Ethiopia, where Muslims slaughter non-Muslims at an alarming rate.  I don’t think anyone living in Soul (Atfif), Egypt, really cares that the majority of Muslims are peaceful.  All they know is their village was ransacked and burned, and their relatives were killed by Muslims in the name of Allah.  Likewise, in the Jimma zone of Ethiopia, 59 churches have been burned, 28 Christian homes have been destroyed, and more than 4,000 Christians have been displaced in the name of Allah.  Do these thousands of displaced people need to be told that the majority of Muslims are patriotic and peace-loving?  It hardly matters to them.  What matters to them is finding a place to live now that Muslims destroyed their homes.

The sad reality is that Egypt and Ethiopia are not as bad as other Muslim areas.  To act as though there is no problem with Islamic terror is to act as a fool who naively offers the hangman his own noose.  Moderate Muslims are irrelevant.  They do not speak for Islam.  If moderate Muslims wish to become a relevant part of the conversation, then let them speak out against Islamic terror rather than speaking out against an American representative who is trying to do something about it.

When has there even been such an Islamic outcry against acts of terror as there is now an Islamic outcry against Representative Peter King of New York?  When there is, then we will know where the peaceful Muslims stand.

What’s Wrong with Animal Rights?

My daughter told me of an ad she saw which encouraged dog owners to get their dogs a massage this Holiday season in order to help the dogs deal with the stress.  To say that we have gone too far in treating animals like humans is to say only what is obvious.  It could all be funny–conjuring up images of Marmaduke on a table in a towel.  Yet, Wesley Smith has chronicled just how serious the insanity has become.  His upcoming book covers the problem in detail, but this blog post will give you an idea of what we are up against.  Even more, Smith warns of how terror is growing in the animal rights movement, thereby causing important research to be left undone.

Swiss Anxiety

In the land of holy cheese, high mountains, and great chocolate, anxiety is on the rise of a particular kind.  Islamic anxiety is increasing.  Its effects were on display in the recent vote to ban Islamic minarets in Switzerland.  Dr. Mohler’s blog has a good, thoughtful reaction to the implications of the vote.  I would simply like to add that yet another alarm bell is ringing with this vote.  Namely, people are aware of the existential threat posed by Islam, even while elected leaders and many media outlets continue to downplay such threats.

I bring this up because (as I have pointed out before) we do Muslims no favors by downplaying the role of terror in their religion.  The terrorists are representing all of Islam, regardless of whether the peaceful majority wish it to be otherwise.  Until Muslims themselves amass the courage to purge the so-called extremists, Islam will remain an existential threat to all non-Muslim nations (and even to many nations who would call themselves Muslim).  The Swiss vote is certainly not a new declaration of Christian conviction in the Alps-land; however, it is an indication that the people recognize the threat of Islam and do not want it to advance further–in spite of head-in-the-sand leaders who say it is no real threat.

Stating the Obvious

I can’t help but thinking this Washington Times editorial is doing nothing but stating the obvious.  Hasan was a radical muslim who plotted murder against the American infidels at Ft. Hood.  No serious person can believe otherwise.  Still, this is a good editorial to read just to remind ourselves of what we are up against.  I would urge us all to remember, too, what Jesus taught: murder comes from the heart of man.

The only highlight of this week filled with ridiculous obfuscations of the obvious slaughter at Ft. Hood is the fact that we did get to see John Muhammed put to death for the 10 murders he committed.  At least justice did prevail in that case.

Tough Questions

I don’t know of too many folks asking really tough questions when it comes to international affairs and the role of Islamic terror.  Robert Spencer, however, is asking the questions.  Some of the questions he has are these:

Why did someone who became interested in the Koran and wanted to serve Allah get involved in terrorism? Why are so many students of the Koran hardcore Misunderstanders of Islam? Why are such questions never asked, never answered, and consigned to “Islamophobia”?

If you are interested in such questions, read the full post here.  The post concerns the terror suspect recently arrested in Brooklyn, NY.

From Gitmo to Bermuda

Apparently, the plan to close Guantanamo is getting ugly.  In this news article (which probably will not show up much in the mainstream), the point is plainly made that no one (a) thinks the fellows at Gitmo are innocent people who need a break; and (b) that the people housed at Gitmo are terrorists.  People in Bermuda are most upset at finding out that Islamic terrorists are being released from Gitmo onto their island.


I have made the comment many times before that it is irrelevant whether or not most muslims are “peaceful.”  The truth of the matter is that Islam today is defined as the non-peaceful type.  Militant Islam rules the day. 

An article today at National Post makes the case more fully, arguing that the “zeitgeist” of Islam is terror.  (Zeitgeist = spirit of the time).  The article is engaging and alarming, as it places today’s Islam (rightly) in the line of Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia.  Read it here