Abortion’s Opposite Effect

When religious zealots pressed down hard on Stephen and the early Christians, they intended to stomp out the nascent movement before it got any traction.  They were unsuccessful.  Chapter 8 of Acts tells the story of how Christianity spread in its early days: It spread through persecution.  Though the leaders of the day intended to... Continue Reading →

Abortion Causing Cancer

Well, no, we cannot say that abortion causes cancer.  However, there is some evidence which indicates that abortion increases risk of breast cancer.  I have linked an article here which describes some of the psychological, social, and medical ill effects of abortion.  From the article: In contrast to full term birth, induced abortion does not... Continue Reading →

Abortion Changes You

As this website indicates, abortion changes people. It changes individuals, and it changes a culture. On the individual level, we have failed to say loudly enough that post abortion depression is real. Many women and men live with such an awful weight of guilt. I once found myself unexpectedly alone with a man who was... Continue Reading →

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