Abortion Changes You

As this website indicates, abortion changes people. It changes individuals, and it changes a culture. On the individual level, we have failed to say loudly enough that post abortion depression is real. Many women and men live with such an awful weight of guilt. I once found myself unexpectedly alone with a man who was stricken with guilt and fear as a result of his securing an abortion for his girlfriend. We mustn’t forget these people. Our strong language of denouncing the sin of abortion is needed in a world which considers babies as disposable as their diapers. However, we must also remember that we are the ones given the ministry of reconciliation. The gospel of peace has been entrusted to us. Let us wield it as a scalpel and not necessarily as a sword. (at least not always)

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  1. Why? The ones who are feeling guilt knew that they were murdering an innocent child who hadn’t even been given the chance to be baptized.

    If they kicked in the head of a infant after it born, we would not be quick to forgive them. How is what they did any different except that secular law favors the behavior?


  2. jonolan, that is a fair question. I don’t think I was advocating a “free” forgiveness and a “coddling” of sin. Also, I am not at all for diminishing the reality of the guilt. Like you, I do believe their crime is murder. What I have to offer is not my forgiveness or my excusing the sin or my overlooking it in any way. Rather, what I have to offer is the gospel which may well offer them hope of forgiveness in Christ in the place of despair. Though I cannot excuse the behavior, I can point these suffering souls to the Christ who says, “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” In the face of a double tragedy, we can still offer grace and the love of Christ.


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