Killing and Selling Babies


The content of this post will make you sick.  Read at your own risk.

The reality of abortion is that there are consequences to ideas.  The idea that one has the right to terminate a human life if that life becomes inconvenient has the inevitable consequence of devaluing human life in general.  If the abortion industry is driven by the desire to improve humanity by making every child a wanted child, then it is not a huge stretch to think of the unwanted children who are aborted to serve “higher” purposes for humanity.  In other words, abortion desires that all children be wanted.  Those who are unwanted are discarded.  But why just discard them? Could we not put those discarded babies to good use?  Could they not serve our eugenic ends? 

This line of thinking is exactly what has developed in the U.S.  We fought eugenics in Germany and now have adopted it wholesale.  We now sale and trade human body parts for the noble purpose of medical research.  I have linked to a very long article with video, pdf, and other documentation on the matter of selling babies and their body parts for research purposes.  We don’t hear or think much about this, but how do we know so much about fetal tissue and embryonic stem cells, etc.?  According to this article, Americans chop babies into pieces and then trade or sell the parts for experimentation.  The article admits that the selling has stopped as it was practiced 8 or 10 years ago, but it is apparently still practiced in a more “under the radar” way.  Here is just one quote from the article.  Read it and weep: 

Alberty had worked as a retrieval agent for both the Anatomic Gift Foundation and Opening Lines. He eventually became sickened by what he was doing and decided to get out. The final straw came when he was brought a stainless steel bucket containing twins who had survived their abortion and were still moving around. When he told the abortionist that he would not harvest parts from them because they were still alive, the abortionist filled the container with water. Once they had drowned them, Alberty then retrieved the parts. Prior to this episode, Alberty claims that the only time he dissected living children was when he believed they were dead and only learned otherwise after he had cut them open and witnessed the heart beating.

What do you think?

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