Is Young Earth Essential Theology?

According to the claim of this BP article, Dr. Mohler has taken a dogmatic stand concerning the necessity of holding to a young earth view of creation.  Personally, I think that claim overstates the case which Dr. Mohler is making for the young earth.  His aim is much higher than the age of the earth. ... Continue Reading →

Double Dose of Good News

There are a couple of stories which seem to be indicators of better days ahead for clear thinking. I thought it might be nice to head into the weekend with happy thoughts; so here are 2 stories that might demonstrate that truth still prevails with persistence over time. First, Signature in the Cell has become... Continue Reading →

Hate Speech Exhibit

We have been talking about hate speech lately (since Obama has signed this atrocious piece of specious bile into law), and we are expecting some of it with regard to speaking the truth about homosexuality to a gender confused culture. The Discovery Institute has been in the thick of hate speech charges for years now. ... Continue Reading →

Too Good to Pass Up

Fantastic Advertisement!  I haven’t seen an ad this good in a long time.  This is classic.  Nicely done.  Wish I could go to the main event.

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