Double Dose of Good News

There are a couple of stories which seem to be indicators of better days ahead for clear thinking. I thought it might be nice to head into the weekend with happy thoughts; so here are 2 stories that might demonstrate that truth still prevails with persistence over time.

First, Signature in the Cell has become a Top 10 Science Book this year on Amazon.  This is good news for science and bad news for materialism (or naturalism).  The book demonstrates how materialistic evolution cannot explain the cell, once thought the simplest compound of the human anatomy.  Check out the story about it here, and be sure to watch the video on the cell that is next to the article (seriously!).  Just imagine, each cell is part of about 75 trillion cells in the human body, all working like fine-tuned machines, all the time.  By chance?


Global warming has stalled.  Now, pay attention here. “Global warming has stalled” is another way of saying the global warming hysteria may be coming to an end.  There is no global warming, and there has not been for the past 10 years; it is political hype.  Finally, some honest climatologists are admitting as much publicly.  This is a good indication of things to come.  Please remember those who hitched our fate to the so-called climate crisis and bid them farewell.  Send them off in a green balloon filled with hot air.  (Here’s the story)

What do you think?

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