Costly Free Speech

Looks like the day has finally come.  The U.S. Senate has approved federal "Hate Crimes" legislation and sent it on to the President, who has pledged to sign the bill into law.  There are so many problems with this bill, not the least of which is the cowardly, specious manner in which it was passed as... Continue Reading →

Dark Day Unnoticed

On this Columbus Day, an insidious and cowardly contingent in Congress has speciously passed a defense funding bill with an attachment to it concerning "hate speech."  On numerous blogs prior to this one, I have sought to disclose reasons to be suspicious of hate crimes legislation.  Hate crimes change the nature of criminal activity and,... Continue Reading →

Crushed Legs, Free Spirit

October 5, 2009 WASHINGTON, DC--To celebrate his heroic dedication and perseverance, former Tiananmen Square student leaders will be joining re-enabled Chinese athlete Fang Zheng in a celebration of his receiving new legs, and to witness this human rights hero's stand for freedom. The event will be held in the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, Room HVC-215,... Continue Reading →

One Nation Under God (2)

  Is it true that our greatest danger is keeping God out?  I think it is and will offer some examples in just a moment, but I hesitate in going further at this point under the weight of objection which I sense at the claim that we need God in our national conscience (including our... Continue Reading →

Courage Over Cowardice

Out of fear, Communists (and Socialists) must control you.  They cannot allow your freedom to threaten their “good” plans for you.  A very brave Le Thi Cong Nhan risked her life to speak freely of her faith in Christ.  For that courage, she has been put into prison in Communist Vietnam.  She has been in... Continue Reading →

Significance of Wilders

Yesterday, I posted on the significance of Geert Wilders.  If you haven't seen that blog, check it out because it links to a prior blog which speaks of how important this case is for all of us who value free speech.  Today, there is another great article concerning this story.  I have it linked here... Continue Reading →

Geert Wilders Again

I posted a warning on my blog not too long ago, telling you to pay attention to Geert Wilders.  His story is portentous.  It is a warning signal to us all about the direction our “tolerance” is taking us.  Tolerance is taking us to a loss of freedom.  Geert Wilders is no longer allowed in... Continue Reading →

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