Dark Day Unnoticed

On this Columbus Day, an insidious and cowardly contingent in Congress has speciously passed a defense funding bill with an attachment to it concerning “hate speech.”  On numerous blogs prior to this one, I have sought to disclose reasons to be suspicious of hate crimes legislation.  Hate crimes change the nature of criminal activity and, essentially, causes political power–not truth–to become the basis on which morality (and speech) is based.

Now, the House of Representatives have voted to attach hate crimes legislation to a defense spending bill; this is cowardly, insidious, and specious.  Such a fundamental shift in the definition of a crime ought to be debated publicly and openly and reasonably.  The bill will now go to the Senate, then to President Obama’s desk.  There will not be any promised transparency in any of this; there will simply be a quiet acquiescence of liberty.  Particularly, if you hold a position of support for traditional marriage, you may become a criminal for your thoughts.

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission has broken this issue down politically.  I encourage you to visit their page here to see whether your representative voted to support this dubious enterprise in Congress.  You can also click here to contact your senators before they vote.

What do you think?

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