Are We Losing Our Free Speech? Two Stories Which Make the Point

Earlier in the week, I noted how the largest American mosque is equivocating on free speech. Now, two more stories have erupted which keep the issue on the table of concern for anyone who cares about basic human rights. First, the U. N. Secretary General (Ban ki-moon) asserted that stringent limits should be placed on... Continue Reading →

Is America’s Largest Mosque Against Violence (or Free Speech)?

Well it is good to hear the largest mosque in America speaking out against the violence Muslims are perpetrating around the globe. Al Qazwini, imam at the Dearborn mosque, has even stated that Muslims cannot tolerate killing. Yet, even with this ostensible condemnation of Muslim violence, Al Qazwini offers three very troubling remarks for those... Continue Reading →

Burning Fears

According to this article, Pastor Jones is still planning to burn the bible of Islam at a service commemorating the 9th Anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.  I have a couple of simple observations. Pastor Jones has a right to burn the Quran.  He lives in a nation which prides itself on freedom of speech. ... Continue Reading →

Hate Speech Exhibit

We have been talking about hate speech lately (since Obama has signed this atrocious piece of specious bile into law), and we are expecting some of it with regard to speaking the truth about homosexuality to a gender confused culture. The Discovery Institute has been in the thick of hate speech charges for years now. ... Continue Reading →

Christian Persecution Close to Home

Last week, the warning was sounded that President Obama and the Democratic House and Senate had attached the "hate crimes" legislation to a defense appropriations bill.  President Obama signed it.  Now, it is time to start considering whether we, as Christians, will be silent regarding the truth of sin and redemption. Over the pond in... Continue Reading →

Costly Free Speech

Looks like the day has finally come.  The U.S. Senate has approved federal "Hate Crimes" legislation and sent it on to the President, who has pledged to sign the bill into law.  There are so many problems with this bill, not the least of which is the cowardly, specious manner in which it was passed as... Continue Reading →

Dark Day Unnoticed

On this Columbus Day, an insidious and cowardly contingent in Congress has speciously passed a defense funding bill with an attachment to it concerning "hate speech."  On numerous blogs prior to this one, I have sought to disclose reasons to be suspicious of hate crimes legislation.  Hate crimes change the nature of criminal activity and,... Continue Reading →

Bravo, Viola!

Here is a blog post about an upcoming bill in California which will coerce doctors into providing abortions or, at least, providing support for the industry.  You may recall that President Obama has recently (by executive order) taken similar steps in limiting conscientious objections by doctors.  At any rate, this blog is informative, as are... Continue Reading →

Our Canary in the Cave

In days gone by, miners would send canaries into the shafts of mines if there were a question about whether the mines were safe.  Often, mine shafts would be dangerously low on oxygen.  So before fancy "sniffing" equipment was available, canaries were the sniffers.  If they died, the mine was not safe. I read a reference... Continue Reading →

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